u p d a t e   P A G E

m e n u

The 5 Branches of life

Trilogy &  Poet-Tree


A friend is not chosen by ‘you’

In life we really do not know who’s ‘who’

For God choses for you, a ‘Family’

But ‘Friends’ are also part of the ‘Tree’


Sometimes you wonder why you met

Trust me, ‘Friends’ we do not select!

‘Nothing’ happens for no reason, that’s for sure

But that, it is a reminder, to you, of your ‘Before’


Who are you people walking around me?

Why do I ‘click’ with you, but not click with ‘he’?

The Message & Sign: The ‘Date’ Tree:
The ‘Dates’,
The ‘Tree’,
The ‘Family’

Allah sends messages through science, mathematics, and poetry.


And that is why it’s called a ‘Date Tree’

In Arabic the date palm tree is called “nakhl,”

And Quran Chapter 16:  ‘An-Nahl’ tells you about the ‘Bee’

The 5 branches of our life, like the 5 fingers from your Palm-hand-tree


Yep Guys! Your ‘Life’ is a ‘Tree’

So as I search my ‘History’

Click the five branches, I have shown you, and I will reveal ‘My Story’

Start with my birthdate, Allah ordained for me

And my birthdate is 07-09-1970


For Allah Says "Nothing" occurs on Earth, but it is His Decree
as said in The Quran Chapter 57 called ‘Al-Hadid’

I wonder what it will reveal to mean

My life, My Destiny, A Personal Trilogy

About to End 2020? or will it be 2024?....who knows!

Read in the name of your lord

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