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The 'Time' left is now so little that its actually hovering over your head.  Why...Because for the first time new meaning (information) has been revealed through the Quran. Our own Scholars of Islam are failing us: They are so stuck in their own way of thinking, they refuse to budge, when new information is bought to the table.  


They have called everything in the Quran a metaphor and misunderstood it completely. Completely!!


God Loves Believers: be you Christians, Muslims or the few Jews. Because it is not just about who is best 'in deeds' - rather who is best 'indeed' - God made this world, its His Creation. Do good, have a clean heart, believe in The Truth, speak the truth, search for the truth; That is all you need to do, and then God will guide you towards Him.


Every single thing around us is a delusion. But it always was about us The People on the Streets, and  it was never about what we wear or the colour of our skins or which country we came from, or we talked cockney or slang, it was about our hearts  and common sense, and doing good to one another, and love and compassion and not lying. We have all got it people....we can all get there, whether you're on drugs, whether you are the worst human, or the biggest alcoholic the world has ever seen, God will never fail you, if you just 'start' by looking around you: The sky, the design, the world: How can there not be a God? 


As Souls and as Human beings We have travelled so far together, our story, the people of the earth...., our past, our history, goes back longer than we think, in places which we cannot remember, (we were not meant to remember, as that is part of the test) But you can recall your past, through prayers, dreams, and searching your soul for the truth: For your soul can only speak the truth, if you can master the art of isolating your brain and soul, the Truth and your past can be found.

And when My servants ask you, concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided. (2:186)



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