Quran Chapter 103

"It's About Time"

The Last Generation

Before I can talk about this verse (7:173)
Let me tell you about your own
People like Tina Turner, singer from her soul

And you truthfully say about these people: “oh she’s singing from her soul”

For the memory of the soul, is like the memory of your body
And it can inherit diseases, carried to the next
And your heart is infected with diseases

Passed on from generation to generation

And the cleansing process is
Through the 5 daily prayers that you can sing

But she sings a different tune:
She sings about ‘Descendants’ Children left behind
And she tells you about the Thunderdome
and life which is beyond

She tells you about only what she knows:
"The castles in the air"
And every times she’s talking, it’s the Quran she declares

For there was a life before,
and her soul is letting you know.

Warning to the westerners
Warning to her own
The soul can never lie
Warning to her people, telling it, with their own tone.

And every single one of your hearts melts
 when you listen to her sing:
But you dance with the devil:
To the truth, that God brings!
Ring! Ring! Ring! 


Satan calls himself a hero
We don’t need another hero
and the children sit there wondering if there will be life beyond


They call it the big big bang
Its actually a thunderbolt
Listen to your soul people, and you will truly know
And the Quran like I’m telling you
also tells you so!

Go on then, listen to her tune!
The last generation: Were taken out of Adams Loins
They promised God they would remember
They promised they’d be fine

And so much of this is detailed in God’s Book called The Holy Quran.

"Tina Turner Declares The Quran"